Simon Hill Talks About How A-League Can Learn From The Atlanta United Of MLS Regarding Expansion

In the picture that brings back the memory of success of Western Sydney Wanderers in the Champions League in the year 2018. Even though on a bigger scale, the American franchise, Atlanta United that started being a part only 2 years ago have managed to win the MLS Cup amongst 73,000 fans. This is a crowd that was larger than the previous 4 Super Bowls.

United, as well as Wanderers, bring back the memory of the expansion. If it is done in the right manner then it will help in boosting the nascent football leagues, especially in all conventionally non-football countries. Atlanta is known to have about 50,000 fans in the year 2018. In each of the cases, the condition has just been right.

As it is already known, Western Sydney was an area that been filled with football heritage at a point of time. However, now it appears odd that they had not been included during the starting of the A-league in the year 2005.  While presently they have short-term problems, the switch to Parramatta the following year will help in restoring them.

Quite similarly, the key to success for Atlanta has been the huge metropolitan area devoid of the previous franchise and that stadium that been constructed for the NFL team, Atlanta Falcons who are ready to share their venue.

Atlanta had been offered a license in the year 2014 along with an entry slated for the year 2017. This offered consortiums the time to make a stadium, their identity, and also their fan base. Quite strangely, they opted for the red and the black which is synonymous with the Wanderers. They are the ones who got their show running in six months’ time.