15 thoughts on “Asiana Airlines Crash at SFO, Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon & Brazilian Soccer Ref Beheaded

  1. I have been to the European Cup in Zurich a few years ago and a good friend
    of mine owns a professional soccer team in the US. I have been to a few
    matches and they are entertaining. I end up watching the fans as much as
    the match. I respect soccer players as athletes but I believe more talent
    is required in other sports. Part of sports in America is talking smack and
    soccer players need to work on that as much as they do faking injuries 😉

  2. kevin i think sum ting wong that plane a little wi to lo i mean ho lee fuk
    that must have been a bang ding ow i feel bad for that

  3. I’m so sad about Asiana. It was pilot error I think. The plane was only
    going appx 110 knots at 100 feet. The speed was supposed to be 137 or so
    knots at the runway threshold. The nose was high and when I first saw it I
    thought ‘they tried to go around’ and it turns out that was exactly what
    they tried doing. Too low, too slow. Stall. Ground. I feel for all the
    people still suffering with injuries. I love aviation so…

  4. Instead of the comentator yelling, “GOAL!” They will be yelling, “POLE!”
    and there will be no more “heads up plays”.

  5. Sorry, but I have a tendency to dismiss anyone who spouts out the tired old
    “soccer is boring meme” as clueless hicks.

  6. Kevin sorry to hear u think soccer (which is futbol, reason why America
    called American football was simply being dicks to the brits lol) now back
    to WHY u hate soccer and think its boring is the same reason my wife thinks
    baseball, nascar, etc is boring 1. U can’t and never played 2. You don’t
    understand it. 3. Your scared to play cause you know you would suck. You
    get the right to your opinion but highly disagree with your lack of
    respect. Probably cause you and tekilla are best friends

  7. I like to tease soccer but for me and most Americans, American Football is
    more exciting and better to watch on TV than Soccer. Soccer is gaining in
    popularity in the U.S but has a long way to go before it becomes a major
    sport here. I do respect any professional athlete but an American tradition
    is trash talk and soccer players fake way too many injuries

  8. Try informing yourself about the sport before casting misguided aspersions
    on it. Go ahead, do it. Try watching a couple of games, then come back to
    me and tell me it’s boring. They’re regularly broadcasting the premier
    league on NBC sports now. /watch?v=JzWy-6ISM1Y

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