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Atlanta United Strive for Playoffs in MLS


Every team wants to qualify into the final rounds of playoffs with their own strength. But Atlanta United has to look forward to other teams for their qualifications to the playoffs of the Major League Soccer. They themselves have made their path of qualification hard by playing some bad games. The only hope remaining was to beat Cincinnati on Sunday and had scored 2 goals to create some goal difference. The interim manager of Atlanta United stated that they only focused on their game and there was nothing in their mind without winning the game.

The two teams that can open their route to the playoffs are Chicago and Montreal and they will play a major role in taking Atlanta United to the playoffs or to close the door for them. Since Atlanta beat Cincinnati at their last game and earned their required points, but still, there are questions about their qualification to the playoffs.
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Happy In MLS

New LA Galaxy player Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that he is happy for his MLS start with his new team. He said that he made his debut in difficult condition while his team was losing and he is glad that they could manage to win following his entry.

He said that it is always a nice feeling to score a goal and it is even better when it is the first game for your club. He said that he was confident that he could score a goal because he was feeling well ever since he has joined the Major League Soccer. He said that the important thing now is to continue on the same path and make sure that he can score regularly. Continue reading “Zlatan Ibrahimovic Happy In MLS”