19 thoughts on ““City Boy” Music Video by Shane Bojarski

  1. Shane followed me on twitter so i thought I’d check out his music! He’s really good! 😀

  2. <3333333 my oh my. you have good looks and an amazing voice :) better than Christopher Drew in my book

  3. I love this song,
    But then again I hate it.
    I love it because I understand it in everyway.
    And I hate it because The first time I understood the meaning,
    Ill be honest it made me cry.
    But I can’t stop listening to it.(:

  4. I wasn’t trying to be mean. I was telling my friend what I thought ’emo’ was, which is emotional, and this is definitely an emotional video.

  5. im preaty sure your the one that preformed at our high school cenntenial, your amazing and could definatly make it big keep going 🙂

  6. Your really good I hope u Become Famous;) dude this song is really awesome, Good luck!!;)

  7. First Post on this vid xD. Once you become famous I will be big coz of this post ;D. This is so good man, you’ll go far in the music industry.. 🙂 Even though you’re right by me I’m texting you this 🙂

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