13 thoughts on “How to Do the Foot Stall | Soccer Lessons

  1. That is you just trapping the ball as it comes down
    My dad taught me how to do it, not that hard

  2. ir tricks are so simple do some ronaldo tricks, ur good but i wanna learn
    tricks that would make my defender slip and fall on his face 🙂

  3. Its really easy. When the ball is coming down if you keep your foot as it
    is and don’t move it, the ball will just bounce off. When he says “Give a
    little”, You need to move your foot with the ball. So as the ball comes
    down move your foot down to “cushion” it. Thats how. Hope this helps

  4. I was finding this difficult, until i realized i was using a size 3
    football which made it impossibly hard.

  5. How do u get it to stop falling of the edge of my foot? I move my foot to
    stay under but my shoe is too round

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