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Las Vegas is hungry for a professional soccer team and they are so eager on accomplishing this task that the officials of the city are trying to undermine and work out plans to build a downtown soccer stadium by assembling the stadium with 4 possible and different park projects.

The Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman as well as a number of other authorities and supporters of the stadium has already displayed their intentions on making it happen after completing their bid to become the 24th MLS club but they will also have to compete against Minneapolis and Sacramento for that spot.

Alan Snel is a sport business reporter and he revealed details concerning the current situation as he stated that the latest package which has been constructed by Las Vegas includes a total bond of $45 million and also includes money for parks.

“I guess, politically speaking, to make it more palatable they combined the stadium subsidy with park projects that number three or four different projects,” Snel said.

However, according to the City Councilman Bob Beers, he believes that the package which was launched by Las Vegas includes revenue bonds which are more expensive higher interest rate and at the moment he is not interested in voting for that team due to the structure of the bond but Bob finds that Sacramento has a far more attractive plan and the city has demonstrated that they are ready to have a professional soccer team that is prepared enough to enter the MLS.

The board of governors and directors of the MLS have to meet up and talk about the next franchise team that will be entering the American League on December 6 and further details will be revealed at that time.