25 thoughts on “USA-Algeria 1-0, the Stadium – USA side

  1. too bad we didnt beat a good team. All the sports networks hyped this up like it was some amazing win.


  2. Chers visiteurs, ce clip vidéo a été publié par des enfants de CM2/6ème du Lycée International Franco-Américain de San Francisco qui participait à la Coupe du Monde des écoles françaises. Si vous souhaitez poster des commentaires qui sont plus orientés pour les adultes merci de trouver un autre lien. Dans le stade, nos élèves ont été chaleureusement accueillis par les algériens et beaucoup ont souhaité prendre une photo avec eux. Il y avait un énorme respect entre les supporters des deux pays.

  3. (in French below) Dear visitors, this clip was taken by a group of 5th and 6th Graders of the French American International School of San Francisco. If you would like to post comments which are more for the adults, please find an other link. There was a huge respect between Algerian and US fans in the stadium. Algerian supporters have warmly wellcomed our students in the stadium and many of them have taken pictures with them.

  4. @sochop26 we love our type of football and baseball, but at least we tried, because i bet everyone out there cant believe there eyes when they heard usa is bidding for 2018 and 2022 world cup,remember this, AT LEAST WE TRY

  5. Oh, we lost but, it was a good game

    Kudos America, I was with my American friends when we lost :/

    they all started cheering for america….

  6. @Novembersky01 lol yea we do love the US. but ghana did play a great game. i respect them as a team. but of course i was rooting for USA all the way. its a shame we lost, but we went out like true heroes thats forsure. we earned our respect there and proved to the world that we DO know how to play the game, and that our fans are the greatest in the world lol

  7. People are soooooooooooooo Jealous of our USA> we r proud for our country. USA rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. We love USAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

  8. OHohohoho do u think tht u r a Maradona? then y don ya come and become their coach. FREAKKKK

  9. @infiniteloop99 don’t care if they have a world cup, i still hate em. and you’re right, they will lose if they play like that.

  10. @gman32230000 England at least has won cups…
    either way they sucked so far and they have Germany to beat which I personally think will rape them if they play like they did with US and Algeria

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