Don Garber reveals future of American League

The MLS Commissioner Don Garber has revealed details concerning the progression that the MLS has been having recently as well as answered a few questions in relation to the future of the American League as there have been people suggesting Garber and the MLS to start implementing a promotion and relegation system but Garber does not see that happening anytime soon.

“We’re not trying to crack the code to have soccer be the most important sport in the United States,” he added. “We continue to do what we’re doing, which is to grow carefully and incrementally. And as the country has millenial’s becoming more important, and the Hispanic population exploding, we’re in a good spot to be able to capture that opportunity.”

“Right now our system is very different,” Garber said. “It is a franchise model. We have investors that are sharing in revenue. We have salary caps that solve the issue that promotion and relegation is trying to address, which is ultimately ensuring that everybody steps up to the plate and invests in their clubs. I certainly don’t see promotion and relegation any time in the near future. What happens 50 years from now, I won’t be around to worry about.” Don Garber said.

Don Garber continued on saying that the MLS has a huge benefit as it was founded by American sports industrialists which had already owned teams in the NFL or in the NHL and they established a structure which allows them to manager the business as a partnership in their boardroom and as competitors on the field. This is a big advantage as this allows Garber and his partners to have control over how they spend their money, which is something that UEFA is trying to implement with their new guidelines and rules of the Financial Fair Play.