English Premier League team West Ham lost to Major League Football outfit Seattle Sounders in a game part of the pre season tour of the club at the United Sates .

Both teams played on Tuesday evening and the game ended 3-0 in victory of the MLS team.

Jordan Morris grabbed a brace despite being a substitute who joined in the second half. Herculez Gomez completed the 3-0 rout of West Ham, who were missing key players with star player Dimitri Payet still in France for the Euro 2016 games. Clint Dempsey was also missing in the Seattle set up, as he was earlier on international duty for the United States’ team in the Copa America. West Ham didn’t seem bothered at all as they saw it as a friendly encounter. They made 10 substitutions in the course of the game while Sounders made one less than theirs.

Seattle Sounders started the scoring from the 42nd minute when West Ham goal stopper Adrian stopped Gomez as he ran unto the through ball sent by Aaron Kovar. Gomez was awarded a penalty kick which he converted beautifully, sending the goal keeper the wrong way.  Morris, who is the top scorer in this year’s MLS, scored the brace when he came in after the break. His goals have not yet accounted for much in the fortunes of the club as Sounders remain in the 9th position in the 10 team table of the Western Conference.

Oalex Anderson sent a shot in the 70th minute but it was stopped from scoring but Morris did the honours of sending the ball to the back of the net. Just two minutes later, he scored from seven yards with the help of Joevin Jones. West Ham reserve keeper Raphael Spiegel couldn’t do anything to stop the ball before it crossed the goal line.