MLS Anticipates Bright Future Ahead, Says Garber

The Major League Soccer that was once recoiled from by the entire international football group is now back after years of struggle to securing respect. They have done this with the help of fresh stadium projects that are providing it with popularity at a steady pace.

MLS was established in 1996 and had a rocky start ever since. Back then the League faced problems of mismanagement and consequently lost all their investors and money. At that time, the North American arena of sports was majorly dominated by supporters of American football, baseball and, basketball. However, the MSL has emerged after all struggles and has reached its first ever record of an average of more than 22,000 fans as an audience for each game last season.

The commissioner of the League Don Garber said that the Soccer League is planning to have as many as 30 teams in the forthcoming years and has 7 soccer oriented stadium projects planned. The motive has been to provide the League with a sense of legitimacy, something the commissioner never anticipated. Garber said that for years the community of football has hardly acknowledged the existence of MLS, let alone considering their knowledge of the game at the inauguration of the newly renovated stadium. He also mentioned how the ignorant behavior lasted from when governing bodies were constantly shifting from FIFA to UEFA to U.S. Soccer and then finally CONCACAF.

Don commented that there has been a generational change in the transformation in the culture of soccer. It is believed that at present, the United States of America and Canada are great to facilitate the development and advancement of the game which only proves to be a better time period for flourishing business in soccer. The MLS is planning to have new stadiums in Austin, Miami, Nashville, Cincinnati, Sacramento, Columbus and, St. Louis.