Liverpool fans have been complaining of how the forwards are looking their attacking power in the final third, in the second half of the season. Mohammed Salah, more usual than not, is the culprit usually fingered. The Egyptian is revered for his attacking prowess with the ball at his feet, with him sending fears through the spines of defenders.

Data confirms that the 27-year-old has been losing a lot of possession which could be very impacting for a side that relies on counter attacks and slow defenders. Looking at forwards from the top five league in Europe, Salah is not doing bad with regards to passing accuracy even though he losses possession a lot.

An argument could be made that the player is a risk taker, attempting various options to beat his markers and get the ball over the line. It seems selfish as well, and the infamous on-pitch altercation with his partner Sadio Mane is a reminder.

Salah has been regularly criticized but he remains one of the best forwards in the last three Premier League seasons, and always in the conversation for the Golden Boot, winning it twice.

This term only Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus, both of Manchester City, have taken more shots that Salah. Of his shots, less than 60% is accurate but the set-up of Jurgen Klopp’s men gives him some leeway to be adventurous. No matter what, even on his poorest days, he remains a threat to any defense due to his trickiness, his history and ability to cut inside and shoot.

While Salah might need to improve, the numbers point more to calculated risk taking than waste in front of goal. He needs to improve on his one-time ball release, defense splitting passes and sharp shooting skills he was known for in his debut season – he was a big nightmare!