David Villa Is Aiming For Supporters Shield And MLS Cup Title

On the afternoon of Sunday, David Villa  made a victorious return in the football club of New York City FC at Toronto FC. In a traditional Villa installment, he angled left on the dribble and made a 15 yard shot passing Alex Bono only 15 minutes into his reappearance as City recorded the win of 3-2 at the BMO Field. The return is wonderful for Villa who sustained injury and had missed seven consecutive matches because of that along with suspension from one-game MLS All-Star.

After marking the season’s ninth finish in 99 MLS start, He said “For me it was really the bad time as I wasn’t able to help the team. I tried everything to become healthy but my knee was not ready for the same and it said no every time – I waited till my knee said yes and now I am delighted that I am back and with my team.”

Speaking about his return of full form, Villa indicated probably I need a couple of matches to show my full form. He said, “I need some time to bring back my confidence in my knee and my body. Right now my body is not in the same position as it was earlier and like other players in the team, right? In the first half of the game, I felt really great and the feeling was not just for the goal I placed, but also for my knee that it responded well.”

Villa deal with the performance of 70-minute and almost included a second goal, Villa lofted a deft chip over Bono, who parried the attempt of the second half for a corner of New York City. Dome Torrent the head coach said, “You know it is David Villa, we missed him a lot during his injuries as he is the top scorer of the any team.”